Ecotourism in Spain: Responsible Travel Experiences

Discover wildlife, rural culture and food of Spain off the beaten track

Nature Experiences

Food & Wine Experiences

Rural Culture Experiences

  • Bird watching.

  • Cantabrian Brown Bear territory.

  • Iberian Wolf world

  • Remarkable culinary proposals.

  • Singular wine experiences.

  • Traditional cheese diaries.

  • Local culture & heritage photo trips

  • Ethnography & Anthropology

  • Local people ways of life and customs

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Ecotourism in Spain: Travel Highlights


From bark to bottle: Cork Forest Eco-tour in Spain

  • Explore Spain off the beaten track following the thread of cork.

  • Appreciate the inestimable natural values which find a refuge in this Mediterranean forest.

  • Admire their remarkable cultural heritage, local gastronomy and wine culture.

Cork Forest Eco tour in Spain - Two Birds One Stone

A unique opportunity to discover the cork territories of Spain with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance.

Aquatic and Steppe Bird Watching in Tierra de Campos Lagoons

Bird Watching Tours in the Steppe Lagoons of Tierra de Campos

Explore the unique wetlands in the interior of Castilla y Leon and the extensive cereal steppes which surround them.

Bird Watching Tours Tierra de Campos Castilla Leon Spain - Two Birds One Stone

Around 250 species of birds inhabit these steppe wetlands, an oasis of biodiversity in an arid environment.

Bird Watching Steppe Lagoons Tierra de Campos Castilla Leon Spain - Two Birds One Stone

The Realm of the Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andujar

Bird Watching in Villafafila Lagoons

The incomparable experience of admiring the beauty of the world's most endangered feline and discovering its territory in Andujar, Jaen, Andalucia.

Iberian Lynx Tours in Andujar - Two Birds One Stone

Aquatic and Steppe Bird Watching in Villafafila Lagoons Nature Reserve, in Zamora, Castilla y Leon.

Bird Watching in Villafafila Lagoons - Two Birds One Stone

Bird Watching in Hoces del Duraton

Ribera del Duero Wines and Artisan Cheeses in Valladolid

Visit one of the largest Griffon Vulture colonies in Europe and enjoy the great diversity of birds in Hoces del Duraton, Segovia, Castilla y Leon.

Bird Watching Hoces del Duraton - Two Birds One Stone

Come to discover the estate and cellar where some of the most outstanding wines of Ribera del Duero are created and meet the most audacious artisan cheese makers in Valladolid, Castilla y Leon.

Ribera del Duero Wines and Artisan Cheeses in Valladolid - Two Birds One Stone

Iberian Wolf Watching in Sierra de La Culebra and Sanabria

Mycological Getaways - Wild Mushroom Tours in Zamora

Come discover the Iberian Wolf territory and experience the thrill of watching this magnificent animal in the wild guided by local specialists in Zamora, Castilla y Leon.

Iberian Wolf Watching Tours - Two Birds One Stone

An unforgettable getaway to understand and enjoy the vast mycological diversity of the northwest of the province of Zamora, Castilla y Leon, with our local specialists.

Wild Mushroom Tours, Mycological Getaways in Spain - Two Birds One Stone

Nature and Food in Liebana Valley - Picos de Europa

Picos de Europa through its Cheeses

A unique ecotourism experience in one of the most singular regions of Picos de Europa due to its outstanding environmental conditions, nature, gastronomy and culture.

  • Discover its extraordinary biodiversity in a unique blend of climates, habitats and species.

  • Understand their deep cultural identity developed around shepherding and mountain farming.

  • Appreciate their gastronomy in perfect harmony with the environment.

Nature & Food Trip in Liebana, Picos de Europa - Two Birds One Stone

A fascinating food trip to explore Picos de Europa through the product which condenses all its values: nature, culinary and rural culture

  • Discover and taste the diversity of the cheeses from all corners of Picos de Europa.

  • Understand the associations of cheese making and shepherding activity to biodiversity, landscapes, rural culture and the way of life in these mountains.

  • Experience the essential and most characteristic natural, culinary and cultural values of this territory.

Food Trip Picos de Europa Cheeses button - Two Birds One Stone

two birds one stone's blog

Hiking and Cycling by the High Bidasoa - Part II

Burricleta - Electric Bicycle - Bicicleta elétrica - two birds one stone

We continue the chronicle of the trip we made during the past August through the northwest of Navarre.


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