Arribes del Duero: the Orchestral Landscape

Arribes del Duero: the Orchestral Landscape

Arribes del Duero Fermoselle Zamora - Ecotourism in Spain
Vineyard and almond tree close to Fermoselle
Arribes del Duero Landscape Zamora - Ecotourism in Spain
Arribes del Duero Landscape close to the Duero river canyon
Arribes del Duero Olive Tree Zamora - Ecotourism in Spain
Olive tree near a stone wall in Arribes del Duero

During one of the sunniest weekends of March we rushed forward to enjoy the first rays of sunlight after a looong time storm after storm.

The day could not have started more promisingly: blue sky for miles around, mild temperatures, and spring just around the corner.
Given the outlook we decided to go to Arribes del Duero, in the province of Zamora. On another occasion we will also visit the part of Arribes del Duero in the province of Salamanca, also full of attractions.

Among the many options we chose to spend the morning walking along a section of the GR14, to eat after that in Fermoselle.

We parked the car and, as we set feet on the ground, we noticed that everything looked perfect: the village was dedicated to a quiet activity that invited us to participate in its relaxed pace: people calmly carried out their chores: cleared their orchards, hauled firewood, cultivated their “cortinas” (plots of land delimited by stone walls)… Birds wore already their fineries and were busy choosing the best twigs for their nests, completely immersed in the frenzy of the courtship and the defense of their territories... Butterflies met each other in their flight acrobatics, shaking off the cold of the past few months... Fruit trees exploded with rose and white flowers while the buds of poplars and willows began to break pushed by emerging leaves ... Only the Pyrenean oaks were still asleep. Their dream is always longer...

Along the way we enjoyed the mosaic of Mediterranean forest in full harmony with humans, which hosts this gem of a corner of the world: imposing holm oaks and cork oaks, large and tall junipers, olive trees, rockroses, brooms, almond trees, terebinths, grapevines... griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, Bonelli's eagles, golden eagles, black and white storks, stonechats, warblers, and an unique diversity of amphibians and reptiles, butterflies, dragonflies… Walls, “cortinas”, wooden shafts, wells, fountains, ovens, bridges, mills… Canyons, ravines, terraces, granite boulders, crops… Slate, granite, mica schist, gneiss, quartzite ... cheese, jam, oil, wine...
All truly acted as a perfectly coordinated orchestra to present together a spectacular landscape.

Four hours later, lunch contributed to this perfect day: cod “a la tranca”, bull’s tail stew and Cañarejal creamy cheese! (an old acquaintance who brings its fantastic qualities to the cheese tour Caminos del Queso), accompanied by delicious homemade tomato and fig jams. For dessert, a delicious orange cake and almond cream, homemade liquor and a friendly chat with the cook and her husband.

After a pleasant stroll through the streets of Fermoselle, we returned grateful for the fantastic day that we had been given again, wiser and happier.

We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.