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The Brown Bear Mountains

Brown Bear Watching in Spain: Cantabrian Mountains

Getting into the forests and mountains inhabited by the Brown Bear produces a special feeling, knowing that at any moment one of the most emblematic and scarce mammals in Western Europe can make an appearance.

Spring is one of the most appropriate times of the year to enjoy watching bears in the wild. During this season males and females in heat devote themselves to their courtship, while those which gave birth in the privacy of their caves during hibernation now strive to feed and protect their young cubs.

Brown Bear Watching in Spain: Cantabrian Mountains

After the central months of the summer, during which the Brown Bear specimens tend to be less detectable, as they spend long periods of the day under the forest canopy, there are again good opportunities to enjoy watching this magnificent species. It is then when they frequent areas with presence of certain fruit producing plant species, in their quest to acquire the largest reserves to face hibernation, being then possible to observe them with a truly magnificent appearance.

Brown Bear Watching in Spain: Cantabrian Mountains

The western part of the Cantabrian Mountains, where this experience takes place, currently provides refuge to nearly a 90% of the Cantabrian Brown Bear population. This population has experienced a significant increase in recent years, which in addition to being a reason to be happy for all nature lovers, allows more observation chances than not long ago.

Brown Bear Watching in Spain: Cantabrian Mountains

Even so, we should not forget that the conservation status of the Brown Bear in Spain is critical, it is listed as endangered, and so the way we carry out our activities is always subject to avoid any kind of disturbance to any specimen and to prevent jeopardizing in any way the integrity or quality of their natural habitat.

Brown Bear Watching in Spain: Cantabrian Mountains

In addition to watching sessions from strategic locations at dawn and dusk, the experience includes activities designed to discover the territory through short interpretive tours and other aimed to understand the socio-economic context linked to its existence, as encounters with beekeepers and other local producers from the Brown Bear Mountains.

Bear Watching in Spain - Two Birds One Stone




Day 1:

  • Arrival to the accommodation.
  • Talk about the biology and conservation status of the Cantabrian Brown Bear.
  • Time for dinner and rest.

Day 2:

  • Watching session at dawn: Brown Bear in the wild.
  • Interpretive tour through the habitat of the Brown Bear in the Cantabrian Mountains.
  • Time for lunch and rest.
  • Watching session at dusk: Brown Bear in the wild.

Day 3:

  • Watching session at dawn: Brown Bear in the wild.
  • Bear - man connections: visit to a traditional apiary and encounter with a beekeeper.
  • Farewell.


  • € 205 per person - Only activities.
  • € 255 per person - Accommodation and breakfast.
  • € 285 per person - Half board accommodation (breakfast + dinner).

Based on a total group size of 4 people. Contact us for other situations.

SEASON: From late April to early June & from late August to late September.

LOCATION: West Cantabrian Mountains (Asturias - Castilla y León).

DURATION: 3 days (2 nights).

Brown Bear Watching in Spain: Cantabrian Mountains


  • Specialized guide service.
  • Accommodation and meals (according to the selected choice).
  • High quality binoculars and scopes. (Swarovski HD and Kowa).
  • Digiscoping equipment.
  • Adventure travel insurance.
  • VAT (21%)

Not included: Transport. All starting points are accessible by car.

Bear Watching in Spain - Two Birds One Stone

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