Food Trip Picos de Europa Cheeses - Two Birds One Stone

Picos de Europa through its Cheeses

A fascinating food trip to explore Picos de Europa through the product which condenses all its values: nature, culinary and rural culture

Picos de Europa and its environment would not exist as we know them today if the characteristic cheeses of each of its valleys had not been prepared for centuries. Shepherding activity necessary to obtain these delicacies is largely responsible for the biodiversity, the landscapes and the unique rural culture associated to the way of life in these mountains.

This ecotourism experience provides a truthful and intimate approach to the essential and most characteristic values of Picos de Europa, enjoying at the same time the variety of its delicious cheeses.

Food Trip Picos de Europa Cheeses Enquiry - Two Birds One Stone

Food Trip Picos de Europa Cheeses - Two Birds One Stone

A culinary experience to discover the incredible cheese diversity from all corners of Picos de Europa and understand their connection with the environment


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Chamois - Picos de Europa Cheeses - Two Birds One Stone

Narcissus asturiensis - Daffodil - Picos de Europa Cheeses - Two Birds One Stone

Picos de Europa Cheeses - Two Birds One Stone

Traditional houses - Picos de Europa Cheeses - Two Birds One Stone


Understand the associations of cheese making and the environment: biodiversity, wildlife, birds, flowers, butterflies, forests and landscapes

FAUNA. FOREST: Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Short-toed Snake Eagle, Booted Eagle, Cantabrian Capercaillie, Grey Partridge, Bluethroat, Brown Bear, Rosalia Longicorn, Hermit Beetle.

SUBALPINE AND ROCK FAUNA: Wallcreeper, Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Bearded Vulture, Common Rock Thrush, Red and Yellow-billed Chough, White-winged Snowfinch, Alpine Accentor, Chamois, Snow Vole.

OTHER FAUNA OF INTEREST: Iberian Wolf, Iberian Desman, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies.

VEGETATION AND FLORA. Mediterranean, Atlantic and Subalpine formations. Species characteristic of rocks, pastures, scrublands and forests.

GEOMORPHOLOGY. Glaciation, periglaciation, karstification. Limestone pavement, caves, sinkholes, channels, clefts, screes, mining, fluvial dynamics.

LANDSCAPE. Mountainous relief, steep slopes, valleys, ravines, gorges, rivers, Cantabrian and Mediterranean fauna and vegetation, little villages, orchards, narrow roads, tracks, trails.


  • Picos de Europa National Park.
  • Natura 2000: 11 Sites of Community Importance // 8 Special Protection Areas.
  • Picos de Europa Biosphere Reserve (Asturias-Cantabria-Castilla y León)


A circular tour to grasp the local culinary culture of the different massifs and valleys of Picos de Europa on the trail of their cheeses

Cheeses: Peñamellera, Cabrales, Caxigón, Gamoneu, Los Beyos, Valdeón, Áliva smoked, Pido, Quesucos de Liébana, Picón Bejes-Tresviso.

Other delicacies: kid goat, fabada, cecina, cocido lebaniego, River Esla Valley veal, verdina beans, honey, frixuelos, cheesecake, rice pudding, cider, orujo


Experience local culture, ways of life around shepherding and mountain farming and their interaction with landscape and biodiversity

Ethnography: shepherding, sheepfolds, cheese making.

Buildings: hórreos, fulling mills, flour mills, traditional houses, fortified towers, hermitages.

Celebrations: festivals, processions, pilgrimages, fairs.


This itinerary is an initial suggestion so that you know what we can offer. Contact us and we can adapt it together to suit your wishes. We provide you plenty of options for you to build a unique ecotourism experience just for you.


Various types of blue cheese are produced in Picos de Europa. Among them, the most famous of the cheeses of Asturias: Cabrales and its Cantabrian counterpart: Bejes-Tresviso Picón. We will explore their production areas trying to understand their geographic, cultural and natural context and taste them while we observe the Naranjo de Bulnes. We will participate in an interpretative activity of the rural culture of Cabrales and end the day with an espicha in a llagar, where we will taste their cider along with some of the most traditional dishes of Asturias gastronomy.


In the surroundings of the Covadonga Lakes, immersed in the magical landscape where the last few farms that maintain their activity amid the mountain peaks have their location, we will have the privilege to try the mountain Gamonéu. We will know the initiatives to preserve the existence of this smoked delicacy that witnessed the birth of the National Park and confirm with a valley Gamonéu producer that the qualities of this variety are also extraordinary.


This cheese deserves by right a place among the most representative of this mountainous environment. Its production is concentrated in the upper basin of the River Sella, in the municipalities of Ponga, Amieva and Oseja de Sajambre. We will travel across the small valleys around Los Beyos Gorge, visiting the artisans who make this compact cheese and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Cornión Massif and the spectacular environment this territory treasures.


At the entrance of the Divine Gorge through which runs the popular Cares River trek in Valdeón Valley in the province of León, we will find the last Picos de Europe blue cheese we still do not know. Surrounded by some of the highest and steepest peaks we will have the occasion to observe the production conditions of this delicacy and understand the associations between the process and the coexisting environmental elements. We will taste the different ways to prepare this cheese by the banks of the River Cares.


One of the most important values of this natural region is undoubtedly the diversity of cheeses produced in its different corners. Goat, cow, sheep, blend, smoked, blue, big, small... each one of them fits perfectly with the resources offered by the varied scenes of Liebana. We will know and savor them from the hands of their artisans. As a farewell, we will enjoy a dinner in an idyllic setting which consists, among other delicacies, of a great selection of cheeses which will include all those we will have known the previous days and some more.

Food Trip Picos de Europa Cheeses Enquiry - Two Birds One Stone

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