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Food & Wine Trips: Responsible Culinary Experiences in Spain

two birds one stone provides specialized ecotourism experiences targeted to small groups. We intend to provide travelers a comprehensive overview of the products from their origin to the table, to enable them to discover the whole gastronomic culture of the territory. This includes the opportunity to meet local producers and their holdings, visit food industries and small wineries and enjoy the products in the most prestigious restaurants. These activities can be complemented by attending tastings, cooking workshops, traditional markets, specialty food shops, popular celebrations and museums.

Culinary Culture and Customs. Local People and their Territory

Gastronomic Tourism comprises the search for unique and memorable culinary experiences of all kinds. This means not only visiting the most exclusive restaurants and prominent wineries, but being surprised and enjoy the most authentic experiences related to the products, cuisine and gastronomic culture. Gastronomic Tourism is to think about food as a way to grasp the local culture and customs, the people and their landscapes.

Our vision of this kind of tourism has much in common with the philosophy of the eco-gastronomic association Slow Food which tries to promote and preserve quality food, traditional and sustainable production and transformation methods as well as local culinary traditions.

Ribera del Duero Wines and Artisan Cheeses in Valladolid

Come to discover the estate and cellar where some of the most outstanding wines of Ribera del Duero are created and meet the most audacious artisan cheese makers.Find out more - Button - Two Birds One Stone

Mycological Getaways - Wild Mushroom Tours in Zamora

An unforgettable getaway to understand and enjoy the vast mycological diversity of the northwest of the province of Zamora, Castilla y Leon, with our local specialistsWild Mushroom Tours, Mycological Getaways in Spain - Two Birds One Stone


Picos de Europa through its Cheeses

A fascinating food trip to explore Picos de Europa through the product which condenses all its values: nature, culinary and rural culture.

  • Discover and taste the diversity of the cheeses from all corners of Picos de Europa.

  • Understand the associations of cheese making and shepherding activity to biodiversity, landscapes, rural culture and the way of life in these mountains.

  • Experience the essential and most characteristic natural, culinary and cultural values of this territory.

Food Trip Picos de Europa Cheeses button - Two Birds One Stone

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