From Bark to the Bottle: Cork Forest Eco-tour - two birds one stone Ecotourism in Spain

Cork Forest Eco Tour - Two Birds One Stone

Cork Forest Eco Tour - Two Birds One Stone

Cork Forest Eco Tour - Two Birds One Stone

From bark to bottle: a unique cork forest eco-tour in Spain

Cork Forest Eco Tour Harvest - two birds one stone

Cork Forest Eco Tour Culture - two birds one stone

“From bark to bottle” is a unique ecotourism experience through the cork territories of Spain, where the traveler will be able to discover the world of the cork forest, the inestimable natural values it hosts, their remarkable cultural heritage, their rich and diverse gastronomy and, most of all, their extraordinary peoples.

Discover the cork territories of Spain with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

For eleven days we will travel across Spain off the beaten track with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, a U.S. nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the Mediterranean cork forests, its inhabitants and biodiversity, through education, direct action, and partnerships with communities, businesses and governments.

Explore Spain off the beaten track following the thread of cork

In this singular eco-tour we will visit three of the major cork producing areas in Spain:

• Sierra de San Pedro, located in the westernmost part of Extremadura, very close to its border with Portugal, which constitutes one of the most representative examples of the characteristic dehesa landscape.

• Los Alcornocales Natural Park, in the southernmost part of the Iberian peninsula, in the region of Andalusia, very close to the Strait of Gibraltar, represents the largest cork oak forest mass in Spain.

• Massif of Les Gavarres, in Catalonia, in the northeast end of the Iberian Peninsula, whose smooth and undulating mountains are completely covered by a dense forest that almost reaches the Mediterranean Sea.

Appreciate the inestimable natural values which find a refuge in this Mediterranean forest

In those territories we will find cork forests in very different landscapes, which exhibit a great variety of forest structures and, consequently, an immense diversity of habitats and species of flora and fauna: from flat dehesas in Extremadura to steep crags in Andalusia and through the jungle-like forests in Catalonia. In addition to their outstanding biodiversity, the ecological importance of these Mediterranean forests lies in the fact that they constitute a true haven for some of the most endangered fauna species in the world, as the Iberian Lynx and the Spanish Imperial Eagle.

Admire their remarkable cultural heritage, local gastronomy and wine culture

In each of these places, we will have the opportunity to taste their local gastronomy, with such outstanding products as the Iberian ham, artisan cheeses and olive oil, and to appreciate their incredible wine culture, a constant companion on this journey through the cork territories, which is so closely connected to the cork forest.

But, above all, we will discover their people’s ways of life and share very special moments with them while we explore their beautiful towns and villages and admire their exceptionally rich cultural heritage.

Definitively, this adventure constitutes a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the invaluable cork forest ecosystem and get involved in its conservation.


Photographs by two birds one stone and Jordana Wright


Cork Forest Eco Tour - Two Birds One Stone

Cork Forest Eco Tour - Two Birds One Stone

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