Hiking and Cycling by the High Bidasoa - Part II

We continue the chronicle of the trip we made during the past August through the northwest of Navarre.

Burricleta Electric Bicycles in Bidasoa Greenway - two birds one stone
Riding our Burricletas along the Bidasoa Greenway

We descended from the Aizkolegi - the top of Bertiz Natural Park - by the Plazazelai track that crosses the park through its lower areas and is authorized to bicycles, so it constitutes an ideal route for a pleasant ride using the electric bicycles of our friends of Burricleta Navarra, whose office is very close to the park entrance. We headed there to test the “burricletas” along the Bidasoa greenway, which follows the route of the old mining train that connected the towns of Endarlatsa and Irun. This route allows a quiet ride from Bertiz, through Gipuzkoa, get to Irún and then to coastal towns of Gipuzkoa and France as Hondarribia, Hendaye and San Juan de Luz.

The “burricletas” are robust bikes with mountain tires and suspension, suitable for paths and tracks, but prepared for greater comfort. What catches everyone’s attention are his original saddlebags and of course his beautiful helmets. By the time you start to ride and experiment with the electric controller you discover how the slopes become lighter, which makes it easy to travel at your own pace and in a sustainable way. Using its audio guide system you can easily follow your route and receive information about the most interesting points. Burricleta also offer guided tours for those of you who want them.

After this wonderful experience we are counting the days to get back to enjoying the intense colors of autumn in Bertiz and, somewhat later, in the spring, our annual cider event. Txotx!



We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.