The Iberian Lynx farewell on the last day of our trip to Andujar – IV

The Iberian Lynx farewell on the last day of our trip. Wildlife Watching Ecotourism in Andujar – Part IV

Iberian Lynx Watching Tours Andujar Spain - two birds one stone
Iberian Lynx female

Day 3: January 16th, 2014

We reached the last day of our trip to the Realm of the Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andujar Given the unique nature of the occasion and with evidence that our presence was not compromising the natural behavior of these two specimens, we decided to return. Initial planning became a dead letter but, when reality imposes, it is useless to make plans. We knew that probably we would not have such a chance again in a long time, if it was to occur, and we had to take this opportunity.

Again we approached with stealth, holding breath and walking as if we were to hit the sky. The same male appeared, with its medium spotted coat, muscular legs and long brushes. In the rain, it proceeded to methodically clean its fur and claws with its tongue and then quickly jumped to a rock to sit on its hind legs, composing a truly magnificent scene. It soon continued up the slope until we lost sight of it.

After a while we detected it again but ... it was the female we watched the previous day! They seemed actors taking turns to enter the stage in front of us.

It kept looking to the side of the "stage", and we could not understand why. Perhaps some rabbit unconscious of the risk... maybe the male was still there... Finally, walking slowly, stopping every so often, it went away up the slope and disappeared from our sight.

When we were leaving, after carefully scrutinizing the hillside, we detect the female again. It had ascended quite a bit of the hill and watched the valley sheltered by a large rock.

With that picture burned in our retinas, we went for a quiet walk through other places in Sierra de Andujar, before ending our wonderful experience and return to the accommodation to make the preparations for our return trip the next day. Although not all of us was going back ... One part is still out there, under those oaks that gave us shelter for a few days in January 2014, enjoying the memory of having seen the extraordinary beauty of the Iberian Lynx in the wild.

Thanks to Pedro, Rafa, Jose Luis and José Manuel for sharing with us your knowledge and good mood. Also to Ramon and his team, for providing us the best accommodation and food. And finally, thanks to nature for the gift.

We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.