Iberian Lynx Watching Tours in Sierra de Andujar - two birds one stone

Watching and Photography Guided Day Tours

2 - 3 Day Short Breaks

Design your tailor-made trip

  • Visit the best public areas and access inside private estates with specialized local guides.

  • Enjoy the best conditions for observation and photography.

  • Following a strict code of conduct to avoid compromising its conservation.

  • Contemplate the Mediterranean ecosystem, its characteristic habitats and species: Holm Oak and Cork Oak dehesas, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture…

  • Comprehend the management efforts for the survival of this feline.

  • Full board accommodation right at the core of its territory.

  • Extend your stay and increase the chances to experience unique encounters with the species.  

  • Enrich your trip with other treasures of the Iberian Wildlife. Exclusive photography hides for scavengers and Spanish Imperial Eagle.

  • Specific hides for forest birds or the dazzling Bee-eaters and Hoopoes, among others.

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The Realm of the Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andujar

Admire the world's most endangered feline

The Iberian Lynx brings together beauty, wilderness, mystery… and scarcity. Extreme scarcity. The world’s most endangered feline concentrates its population in some very specific locations in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, among which stands Sierra de Andujar, a place that hosts most of its specimens.

The Iberian Lynx Conservation Programme

The works that have been made for years to prevent its extinction have constituted one of the biggest conservation efforts conducted at European level on a single species. The implication in this endeavor by administrations, managers, local population and the owners of the large private estates in its area of distribution has produced certain improvement in the conservation status of this amazing predator, even though it is still very fragile and requires the utmost caution on any land use or activity that may adversely affect its life cycle.

Explore the Iberian Lynx territory

Traverse and discover the Realm of the Iberian Lynx, comprising a mosaic of habitats representative of the most authentic Mediterranean environment: Holm Oak and Cork Oak Dehesas showing their true vocation of being a multifunctional system and a model for sustainable exploitation, Portuguese Oak and Pyrenean Oak formations, riparian forests on the banks of its numerous water courses, shrub species such as mastic, rockrose and heather… And sprinkled among the vegetation, the characteristic granite boulders which are the Iberian Lynx favorite place to spend long times in the winter sun...

Iberian Lynx Watching Tours in Andujar - Two Birds One StoneIberian Lynx Watching Tours in Andujar - Two Birds One Stone

A responsible wildlife watching experience guided by local specialists


Iberian Lynx in Andujar Map - Two Birds One Stone

Birds and other Wildlife

Watch also the wildlife that shares the territory with this fascinating feline: mammals as the Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Mouflon, Wild Boar, Red Fox, Otter… birds such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle, Golden Eagle, Black Vulture and a large number of other birds of prey. Rabbits and Partridges cautious at its near presence, Iberian Azure-winged and Common Magpies warning of its proximity…

Feel the thrill of detecting its traces, sense its gaze or have the privilege to watch it in the wild.

Iberian Lynx Andujar Landscape - two birds one stone Iberian Lynx Andujar Spanish Imperial Eagle - two birds one stone Iberian Lynx Andujar Red Deer - two birds one stone

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