Iberian Wolf Watching Trip to Sierra de La Culebra, Zamora, Spain | Two Birds One Stone’s blog

This past weekend we traveled to Sierra de la Culebra, in Zamora, for an Iberian Wolf Watching Trip with a group. Getting up early to be on the field at dawn was worth, we were lucky and saw several specimens delightfully throughout the morning.

Iberian Wolf Watching in Sierra de la Culebra, Zamora, Spain, Telescope - two birds one stone
One of our telescopes prepared for the observation

Before the fog made ​​an appearance, we had already had the chance to observe three young wolves. Later on, the morning endowed us with another 9 observations - not less than 5 different individuals in total- In one of them, two young specimens delighted us with their games amid the heather.

We also had the chance to observe how deer present in the area made ​​a broad display of alert mechanisms. It was very interesting to see the caution they exhibit when their natural enemy is around.

In the afternoon, despite the early wake, we still had strength left to take a walk through some pine forests near the town of Toro. We came back with a nice reward: a good basket of Saffron Milk Caps for dinner. The greens of the pines between the ocher hues of the vineyards and the blue sky composed a beautiful picture to our eyes, always sensitive to the beauty of the moment. Soon you will be able to join us along this landscape, for example, as part of our Wine Experiences linked to the Duero River.

Saffron Milk Caps Mushrooms - Zamora, Spain - two birds one stone
Saffron Milk Caps ready to be cooked for dinner
Pine Forests and Vineyards in Toro, Zamora, Spain - two birds one stone
Pine Forest and Vineyard Landscape in Toro

We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.