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Nature and Food in Liebana Valley - Picos de Europa

A unique ecotourism experience in one of the most singular regions of Picos de Europa due to its outstanding environmental conditions, nature, gastronomy and culture

Liebana is located in Cantabria and represents the southeastern limit of the mountainous area of Picos de Europa.

It is 'confined' by its relief and enjoys a mild climate, which gives rise to a remarkable diversity of environmental conditions as reflected in the extraordinary biodiversity that it treasures and is acknowledged in several conservation designations that concur in its territory.

It has a deep cultural identity developed around shepherding and mountain farming. These activities have been the base of the traditional economy of this area and have modeled its magnificent landscape.

The excellent raw materials and the exquisite cuisine that characterize Liebana’s gastronomy are in perfect harmony with the environment where they are produced and prepared.

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Nature and Food in Liebana Picos de Europa leaflet - Two Birds One Stone

An amazing trip to discover the extraordinary biodiversity, cultural identity and local culinary traditions of Liebana Valley in Picos de Europa


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Egyptian Vulture - Liebana Picos de Europa - Two Birds One Stone

Narcissus asturiensis - Liebana Picos de Europa - Daffodil - Two Birds One Stone

Beech Forest - Liebana Picos de Europa - Two Birds One Stone

Liebana Cheeses - Picos de Europa - Two Birds One Stone

Traditional Buildings - Liebana Picos de Europa - Two Birds One Stone


Discover its extraordinary Biodiversity: Wildlife, Birds, Flowers, Forests, Butterflies, Landscapes…

FAUNA. FOREST: Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Short-toed Snake Eagle, Booted Eagle, Cantabrian Capercaillie, Brown Bear, Rosalia Longicorn, Hermit Beetle.

SUBALPINE AND ROCK FAUNA: Wallcreeper, Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Bearded Vulture, Common Rock Thrush, Red and Yellow-billed Chough, White-winged Snowfinch, Alpine Accentor, Chamois.

OTHER FAUNA OF INTEREST: Grey Partridge, Bluethroat, Iberian Wolf, Iberian Desman, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies.

VEGETATION AND FLORA. Mediterranean, Atlantic and Subalpine formations. Species characteristic of rocks (clefts, ledges and screes), prairies and pastures (orchids, daffodils), forests and scrublands.

GEOMORPHOLOGY. Glaciation, periglaciation, karstification. Limestone pavement, caves, sinkholes, channels, clefts, screes, mining, fluvial dynamics.

LANDSCAPE. Mountainous relief, steep slopes, valleys, ravines, gorges, rivers, Cantabrian and Mediterranean fauna and vegetation, little villages, orchards, narrow roads, tracks, trails.


  • Picos de Europa National Park.

  • Natura 2000: 2 Sites of Community Importance // 3 Special Protection Areas.

  • Picos de Europa Biosphere Reserve.


Enjoy local Food and explore their diverse Cheeses in perfect harmony with the environment

Cheeses: Picón Bejes-Tresviso, Quesucos de Liébana, Áliva smoked cheese, Pido cheese.

Other delicacies: Cocido Lebaniego, embutidos, meat, market garden products, mountain tea, honey, cherries, orujo, tostadillo wine.


Experience local culture and the way of life around shepherding and mountain farming

Ethnography: shepherding, sheepfolds, cheese making.

Buildings: hórreos, fulling mills, flour mills, traditional houses, fortified towers, monasteries, hermitages.

Celebrations: festivals, processions, pilgrimages, fairs.


This itinerary is an initial suggestion so that you know what we can offer. Contact us and we can adapt it together to suit your wishes. We provide you plenty of options, the most special accommodations and the most diverse restaurants for you to build a unique ecotourism experience just for you.


We will observe the unique blend of habitats and species that occur in Liebana due to its Mediterranean climate in an Atlantic region. We will discover the traditional architecture and enjoy tasting local products from a exceptional viewpoint in front of the peaks. As a dessert, we will savor the famous Liebana Orujo in a local distillery, where we will know the secrets of its distillation.  


We will spend the day visiting some of the many old forests in Liebana, enjoying the opportunity to observe their characteristic forest fauna. In the afternoon, a local beekeeper will show us their beehives and tell us how honey is obtained and the relationships of this business and the environment. We will taste it and understand why bears love it.


We will walk through rocky slopes, clefts and mountain pastures particularly suitable for observing its characteristic fauna and flora. We will have a rest under the branches of a group of centennial chestnut trees before visitng an artisan Liebana Quesuco cheese maker, where we will discover their manufacture process and taste them with a local red wine and good bread.


This day we will go above 1800 m. altitude, crossing the stunning glacial landscape where subalpine flora and fauna of Picos de Europa live and develop. Right there, between the mountains, we will serve you the most representative dish of the region: Cocido Lebaniego, prepared by one of the most expert cooks in the valley. Finally we will visit some of the last hórreos left in Cantabria.


We will go over an area representative of how shepherding creates and affects the landscape that hosts the characteristic fauna and vegetation of Picos de Europa. We will be able to observe many bird of prey species and we will converse with a local shepherd, who will explain us the connections of their work and the environment. Then we will discover the product that best defines their work: Picón Cheese, which we will obviously taste. 

Nature and Food in Liebana Picos de Europa Enquiry - Two Birds One Stone

Nature and Food in Liebana Picos de Europa leaflet - Button - Two Birds One Stone

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