Organic bread and craft beer in Montemayor de Pililla

A few days ago we visited the village of Montemayor de Pillilla, in the natural area of "Tierra de Pinares" in Valladolid, Spain, where two amazing projects that are committed to rural community take place: the first organic bakery of the area and Milana Brewery. We shared that splendid morning with some friends from the organic buyers network “La Cesta Verde”.

Organic Bread Pan Ecologico
Wholemeal and white organic bread

Mario and Carlos welcomed us in their bakery in first place. They are working really hard for the recovery of “candeal” wheat, an ancient wheat variety that was nearly extinct, since in the past it was abandoned in search of economic profitability of other seeds. After a careful preliminary work to get the manufacture process adapted to the peculiarities of this wheat flour, they are struggling to move forward with this beautiful project in which we predict a great success. We will follow them closely and keep you informed of their progress and where you will find their products.

Then we headed to Milana Brewery, a strong bet of a entrepreneur group from Montemayor de Pililla on craft beer. Ismael received us there with great kindness. He let us in and explained in detail the manufacturing process that is carried out. No tricks: water, malt, hops, yeast, and a meticulous production process on a small scale that provides a taste that has nothing to do with industrial beer to which we are used.

This brewery produces three main beers:

Milana Bonita: a light Pale Ale with a great aroma provided by five different hop varieties.

Milana Trigo: a Wit which highlights the noble Saaz hops aroma and includes organic “candeal” wheat among its ingredients.

Milana Tostada: a full bodied Amber with the characteristic flavor of toasted malt and a pleasant bitterness.

Milana Craft Beer Cerveza Artesanal
Milana Craft Beer Image

By the end of the visit, we tasted Black Feet. A joint project of Milana and Sr. Bu, from Toro, Zamora, which had the initial collaboration of Pablo, from Blow Bar, (Juan Mambrilla 25, Valladolid) a place a beer fan should not miss. Black Feet is a Black IPA with an intense flavor and a hop aroma nicely balanced with the flavors of toasted malt. Of course, we got an assortment of bottles to taste them calmly at home.

We thank everyone for their wonderful welcome and hope to keep in touch, since both projects connected very well with our philosophy. We look forward to working with them in the development of some of our nature and gastronomy tourism experiences.


We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.