Our unbeatable second day watching Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andujar – III

Our unbeatable Iberian Lynx watching second day. Wildlife Watching Ecotourism in Andujar – Part III

Iberian Lynx Watching Tours Andujar Spain - two birds one stone
Photograph of the Iberian Lynx couple taken by one of our customers

Day 2: January 15th, 2014

We started the second day of our trip to the Realm of the Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andujar and, we needed to clear up any doubts, so… we went back to the same place as the day before. This time precautions were higher, if possible: silence, quiet movements, trying to make the minimum noise. We peered out slowly and… it was still there! This time prowling in the lower part of the group of stones.

In order to not show us so visible we had brought some portable hides, about which the managers of the recovery project of the species were informed. We installed them amongst the Holm Oaks, in order to make them blend together with the thick vegetation and spent the day watching how the specimen moved from a stone to another, from the clearing to the densest area, where it disappeared for some moments, until after a variable time, appeared again.

But… in one of those occasions when it returned to the place… surprise! It was not the same specimen! It was a female whose thin spotted livery made perfectly distinguishable from the powerful male that we had watched before. We could not get over our surprise. Would we have perhaps the privilege of witnessing the romantic flings of an Iberian Lynx couple, considering the time we were in? The excitement could not be greater.

But, yes, we had. The male appeared back on the scene and we were able to see how a male and a female of the world's most endangered feline species established their courtship before our eyes. They walked together, rested together and licked each other. They slipped between the stones, and in the same place the male chose to rest the day before, they fell asleep close to each other.

With the certainty of having witnessed something absolutely extraordinary to watch, we returned to the accommodation, in which we toasted again to our fortune and to beauty.

We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.