Red Deer Rut and Iberian Wolf in Spain - two birds one stone

Red Deer Rut and Iberian Wolf in Spain - Two Birds One Stone

Price:  € 25 per person

Price in groups from 4 people.

Please ask about prices for smaller groups and offers for larger groups.

The red deer rut in the wolf territory in Spain: Sanabria and Sierra de la Culebra

Watching sessions with specialized guides to enjoy this natural spectacle right at the heart of the wolf territory

In late summer and early fall one of the most impressive events of the Iberian wildlife takes place: the red deer rut, the mating period in which stags are in all their splendor and compete with each other, in ritual fights or with roars, to be able to reproduce.

We will perform sessions at dawn or dusk to watch and listen to the king of the forest. Also, we will learn about their behavior, their tracks and the cycle of their antlers, which they shed every year.

During these sessions we will also have the opportunity to watch the Iberian wolf and other wildlife of this natural area, as roe deer and wild boars.

Come experience one of the most impressive events of the Iberian wildlife

Location: Sanabria and Sierra de la Culebra, Zamora, Spain

Dates: from mid-September to mid-October

Approximate duration: 3 hours

The activity schedule is adjusted to coincide with sunrise or sunset, best times for wildlife watching.

An authentic and responsible wildlife watching experience guided by local specialists.

The price of the activity includes:

  • Watching session with specialized guide.

  • Adventure travel insurance.

  • VAT (21%).

Optical watching equipment is provided - telescopes and binoculars - but it is recommended that participants bring their own equipment if it is available for them.

Combine this activity and design a customized experience with the wide variety of options we offer:

  • Tours to discover the red deer and Iberian wolf habitat and search for trails and tracks.

  • All our activities realted to the Iberian wolf.

  • A varied selection of the most charming accommodations in the area.

Red Deer Rut and Iberian Wolf in Spain - Two Birds One Stone

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