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Tradition meets innovation in these key products from Valladolid, which combine sublime quality, an ancient culture and intense relationships with the natural environment.

This territory hosts some of the most outstanding wine regions of Spain, among which Ribera de Duero is the best known, and holds a rich culture around the world of wine.

On the other hand, sheep farming and cheese making have constituted for centuries one of the cornerstones of the economy of the area. Today, new generations of professionals are giving birth a new golden age of their cheeses.

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Day Program


  • Arrival, welcome and presentation of the activity at Abadía Retuerta winery

  • Interpreted walk through the estate’s paths to visit their most unique spots and different vineyard areas

  • Winery tour: grape reception, fermentation room and barrel cellar

  • Commented tasting session of 2 Abadía Retuerta wines

  • Visit to the 12th century Abbey of Sta. Mª de Retuerta

  • Lunch in one of the carefully selected restaurants we provide you

  • Walk around the surroundings of Cantagrullas Cheese Farm to know about its natural environment

  • Visit to the cheese dairy, where we will know about their project and production process

  • Cheese tasting and farewell

ABADIA RETUERTA Granja Cantagrullas - two birds one stone
Abadia Retuerta - two birds one stone Granja Cantagrullas rebaño - two birds one stone

Abadia Retuerta is not just a winery. It is one of the most unique wine estates of the Iberian Peninsula due to its priceless natural, cultural and culinary heritage.

The Winery, located right in the Spain’s Wine Golden Mile, combines innovation in their processes and proposals with the rich winemaking tradition of the area. Their experience developing internationally acclaimed high quality wines is reflected in their diverse product catalog, which reveals the richness and potential of the diverse plots and terroirs of the estate.

The Estate is nestled in a privileged natural environment, which holds great habitat diversity: river banks, farmland, pine and holm oak forests, wetlands, rock and chalk slopes… Its fauna include a wide variety of birds and mammals such as the Iberian Wolf, while its forests stand out among its vegetation, with several unique monumental trees.

The Abbey of Santa María de Retuerta, 12th century, is a unique legacy due to the artistic and historical significance of its group of buildings, its seamless integration into the landscape and the feelings that occur within the shelter of its walls. This space houses a majestic hotel and a superb restaurant that makes up a high-level culinary proposal.

Granja Cantagrullas is an audacious project that honors life in the countryside and allows a closer and friendlier connection to nature.

This small artisanal cheese dairy aims to combine traditional and artisan craftsmanship with innovation, using the excellent milk from their family Castilian sheep flock, a native protected breed.

Their production is small but offers a diverse range of cheeses very different from those traditionally elaborated in the region, as much in their flavors as in their aromas, textures and formats. They produce artisan cheeses from raw sheep's milk, with lactic coagulation and mixed fermentations: mold ripened cheeses, soft cheeses, washed rind cheeses, fresh cheeses and exclusive spice cheeses.

Its environment congregates a good number of natural values, as it is the landscape in which it is situated, a true kaleidoscope of habitats and uses. Groups of Great Bustards and other steppe birds, share this space with the Cranes, that choose it to spend the winter, as well as some spectacular mammals such as the Iberian Wolf. Furthermore, the nature of its soil and the hydrological regime allow the existence of unique plant communities, typical of salt marshes and flooded areas.

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