Zamora Garlic Festival

Zamora is a province of Spain that is not a part of the habitual destinations offered by travel agencies when it is not to focus in its province capital city’s Week of Passion, declared as International Tourism Interest, which is one of the most authentic and representative artistic and cultural manifestations of the Holy Week in Castilla y Leon.

Ajos Feria Zamora Garlic Festival - Two Birds One Stone

Garlic heads in Zamora Festival

However, Zamora conserves many diverse values unknown to the general public. It is a privileged area in three aspects that define our activity: nature, gastronomy and rural culture, which motivate that one of our forthcoming travel proposals will be centered on the exploration of its treasures.

Last weekend the traditional Garlic Festival was held during the celebration of San Pedro in the city of Zamora. It takes place every year since the oldest can remember in its habitual location around Las Tres Cruces. Few aromas and flavors are so distinctive of the characteristic cuisine of our culture like garlic. Purple or white, each has its supporters among those who walk up and down the different stalls, delimited by walls made of well-rounded garlic strings, prepared braiding its stems.

Manuela, a wise Zamorana, shared with us years ago her secrets to find the best ones. Don’t worry, the information is safe and will be transmitted conveniently in due time to those of you who follow us.

We are moving now.

We will tell everybody where we are once we arrive.