We present “From bark to bottle”

Cork Forest - From Bark to Bottle - two birds one stone Ecotourism

Just harvested cork forest in “Los Alcornocales” Nature Park, Cádiz. Its deep and narrow valleys represent a true refuge for this Mediterranean forest.


We are pleased to present “From bark to bottle”, a unique eco-tour through the cork territories.

Cork Harvest - From bark to the bottle

Cork harvest is carried out by expert workers.

After more than a year and a half planning itineraries, selecting activities, establishing contacts, visiting the areas and arranging all the details, we are very happy to finally present the project “From bark to bottle”.

The world of cork: a great unknown away from the Mediterranean region

It sometimes happens that the widespread opinion about certain reality is a long way from what really characterizes it. Particularly in places geographically or culturally distant from that reality.

This recurrently happens when talking about cork in contexts outside the Mediterranean culture. There is a great confusion and unawareness about the extraction, commercialization and use of this natural material, as well as regarding its implications in the local socio-economy and in the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of producing territories.

In the best case, it is known that cork is produced by a tree, although, even then, it is believed that cutting down or damaging the tree is necessary in order to extract it. The propagation of this erroneous belief among consumers and businesses leads them to think that the most “environmentally responsible” attitude is to avoid the use of cork to contribute to the conservation of the cork forest.

Founded in 2008 with the objective of facing this situation, the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance campaigns for the protection and preservation of the cork forests, to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants and to conserve their enormous biodiversity, all of that through education, direct action and partnerships with communities, businesses and governments.

A unique project to raise awareness about the importance of the cork forest

Wines, artisan cheese and iberian ham - From bark to the bottle

A trip to enjoy the culinary delights of Spain.

With the conviction that direct personal experience is one of the best ways to understand and appreciate something, the CFCA drives the project “From bark to bottle” since mid-2013, a unique international initiative aimed to show the reality of the cork forest and the significance of cork consumption. In order to do this, this organization proposes participation in an ecotourism experience which explores some of the main cork territories of the Iberian Peninsula, combining awareness-raising activities as the direct observation of the cork harvest, visits to technology centers, theme museums… along with others intended to discover and enjoy the most attractive and representative natural and cultural values of each territory.

A joint international effort to contribute to the conservation of the cork forest through ecotourism

The CFCA contacted us to provide the opportunity to collaborate on this exciting project, being responsible for its design and overall management. Our mission, objectives and ways of thinking and proceeding are in full harmony with the essence of this project, which became evident from the first contacts between the two organizations, in summer 2013.

In addition to the CFCA and Two Birds One Stone Ecotourism, different entities are involved in this project, playing very diverse roles: from area managers, who perform indispensable work at the local level, coordinating all resources; selected service providers such as accommodations, restaurants, tour guides, wineries, activities, etc; partner entities, which support the project through their active involvement in documentation and promotion work; to funding entities, which are involved in the project providing means and resources necessary for the optimal management and execution of the ecotourism experiences.

A different and original ecotourism experience through the cork territories of the Iberian Peninsula

Cultural heritage - From bark to the bottle

Discover the remarkable cultural heritage of the cork territories

In this eco-tour we will explore areas of Extremadura, Andalusia and Catalonia, selected as global references for the quantity and quality of cork they produce; for the diversity of their ecological, cultural and cork forest management conditions they present; for the presence of major cork processing and utilizing industries and for the enormous heritage of all kinds they possess.

Extremadura: Sierra de San Pedro

Considered the world capital of cork, Sierra de San Pedro and its surroundings offer the visitors the opportunity to enjoy the unique dehesa landscape and its exceptional wildlife, savor their excellent Iberian ham, appreciate one of the most important megalithic groups in Europe and admire the artistic and historic heritage of two World Heritage cities.

Andalusia: Los Alcornocales Nature Park

Landscapes - From bark to the bottle

Admire the diverse landscapes of the cork forest territories

The most extensive cork forest formation of the Iberian Peninsula, a true sanctuary for the world of cork, where the traveler will be able to admire their unique cork harvest using mules to extract it from its deep valleys. In addition, we will contemplate the beauty of their white villages and their privileged coast and enjoy the fabulous culinary treats related to wine, olive oil, artisan cheeses…

Catalonia: Massif of Les Gavarres

The rolling landscape of the Massif of Les Gavarres and its surroundings hold a vast number of attractions associated to the world of cork and also cultural and culinary appeals, for the traveler who looks for authentic, original and different experiences. We will discover the remarkable jungle-like environment of their cork forest, the medieval architecture of their small villages, the cork processing industry, the most genuine Mediterranean coastal environment and a selection of exquisite red wine and cava cellars.

The type of activities and services that can be enjoyed on this eco-tour have been carefully selected to meet high quality standards and to configure a relaxing, diverse, attractive and balanced program, combining activities directly associated to the production, use, research and promotion of cork, with those more representative of the culture, history, art, nature, ethnography, cuisine and traditions of each area, avoiding clichés and decontextualized folklore, but through knowledge and experience of the most authentic reality of each territory.

This is definitely and undoubtedly and exceptional opportunity to discover and enjoy some of the best and most representative values of the Iberian Peninsula off the beaten track following the thread of the world of cork. A trip that allows the traveler to get involved in the conservation of this ecosystem unique in the world: the cork forest.

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