Bird Watching in Hoces del Duratón, Segovia

Bird Watching Hoces del Duraton, Segovia, Spain, Griffon Vultures - two birds one stone

It is a pleasant feeling when you are warmed by the sun in those blue sky mornings that are not rare during the winter in Castilla. Mornings that make shine the white blanket of frost the night has left behind on the leaves.

Iberian Wolf Watching Trip to Sierra de La Culebra, Zamora, Spain | Two Birds One Stone’s blog

Iberian Wolf Watching in Sierra de la Culebra, Zamora, Spain, Telescope - two birds one stone

This past weekend we traveled to Sierra de la Culebra, in Zamora, for an Iberian Wolf Watching Trip with a group. Getting up early to be on the field at dawn was worth, we were lucky and saw several specimens delightfully throughout the morning.

Hiking and Cycling by the High Bidasoa - Part II

Burricleta - Electric Bicycle - Bicicleta elétrica - two birds one stone

We continue the chronicle of the trip we made during the past August through the northwest of Navarre.

Hiking and Cycling by the High Bidasoa - Part I

Hojas de Haya Bertiz Beech Leaves - two birds one stone

We are passionate for Navarre. We frequently visit its capital, Pamplona, and its Northwest area. We escape when possible to Aralar, Baztan, Alto Bidasoa and Cinco Villas. But, above all, we are assiduous of the cider house season, in Larraun or Basaburua.

Birdfair: The British Birdwatching Fair 2013. Rutland, UK.

Birdfair Rutland Birdwatching Logo - two birds one stone

From 16th to 18th August we have visited Birdfair, the British Birdwatching Fair in Egleton, Rutland, UK. It is the event of the year in the world of birds and wildlife that encompasses all the birdwatching industry while supporting their global conservation.

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