Arribes del Duero: the Orchestral Landscape

Olive Trees Terraces Arribes del Duero Zamora

During one of the sunniest weekends of March we rushed forward to enjoy the first rays of sunlight after a looong time storm after storm. We decided to go to Arribes del Duero, in the province of Zamora to spend the morning walking along a section of the GR14. Along the way we enjoyed the mosaic of Mediterranean forest, which acted as a perfectly coordinated orchestra to present a spectacular landscape. After a delicious lunch we had a pleasant stroll through the streets of Fermoselle.

Iberian Wolf Watching Trip to Sierra de La Culebra, Zamora, Spain | Two Birds One Stone’s blog

Iberian Wolf Watching in Sierra de la Culebra, Zamora, Spain, Telescope - two birds one stone

This past weekend we traveled to Sierra de la Culebra, in Zamora, for an Iberian Wolf Watching Trip with a group. Getting up early to be on the field at dawn was worth, we were lucky and saw several specimens delightfully throughout the morning.

Zamora Garlic Festival

Ajos Feria Zamora Garlic Festival - Two Birds One Stone

Zamora is a province of Spain that is not a part of the habitual destinations offered by travel agencies when it is not to focus in its province capital city’s Week of Passion, declared as International Tourism Interest, which is one of the most authentic and representative artistic and cultural manifestations of the Holy Week in Castilla y Leon.

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